Your trulyRon Hebron

Operations Research Analyst

I am a member of Informs - the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science


I am in the professional directory at - Look

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The University of Trier in Germany listed our main publications - Index

We had a feature article in Communications of the ACM - the premier magazine for info tech professionals Article

We had an article in Data and Knowledge Engineering in Spring, 2000.

We made two presentations at the HCI-Aero (human-computer interface in aerospace) Conference at Toulouse, France in September/October, 2000.

The photo - I am standing in the laboratory where Thomas Edison invented the light bulb (the first one that burned for any length of time); on a 92-degree day.

Henry Ford moved it from Menlo Park, New Jersey to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, with Edison's full cooperation. What a treasure! I highly recommend it.

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