Sound Politics - Puget Sound politics and the best source in the world for Ron Sims's incompetent election department mess - my favorite site for news links with a few biting comments

Opinion Journal Best of the Web Today - A leader

Hugh Hewitt - one of the very best radio talk hosts. Bright, funny, challenging

Insta Pundit - Tops of all - Law Prof. Glen Reynolds of

Rosenblog - Matt Rosenberg, Free-lance journalist, former columnist for Seattle Times. And now a blog friend of mine.

Twice Weekly - Virginia Postrel

Jane Galt - Megan McArdle and "Mindles Dreck"

Evangelical Outpost


Declaration of Independence - National Archive of US

Day by Day Great cartoon by Chris Muir

Democracies bring freedom. Totalitarian governments kill their own people.
R J Rummel, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Hawaii, has spent his entire academic career studying these relationships. Freedom, Democide, War his web pages. He has the data.

Foundation for the Defense of Democracies - new

Daniel Pipes - Middle East

Little Green Footballs - web log on Israel and its enemies

Front Page Magazine - David Horowitz is in the thick of several battles against misinformation.- Reparations for slavery. - "Hate crimes are only committed by white people." - The cover up of the cruelty of Communism and socialism. He is in the middle of these battles and fighting! Additional links to news also.

Yoni in Israel - An Israel insider tells it like it is

Greenspirit - Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace; now supports sustainable development, which is opposed by Greenpeace

- Intelligent Design

Center for Science and Culture - Discovery Institute gathered some top people who research, write and speak regarding ID.

More Weblogs

Shark Blog - Stefan is new to Seattle. But he quickly got involved. Up-to-date and well informed.

Jim Miller on Politics

Christianity Today Magazine

Christian Weblog Index - at All sorts.

Blogs4God - huge list of Christian blogs


Cowboy Cultural Society - Cowboy trail music. I can listen all day. It is also a preset on Apple's ITunes (Americana).

Wylie Gustafson and the Wild West - Washington's only cowboy music star and prize winning rodeo coyboy. Yahoo's yodeler!

Friends/Family - Operated by Marc Brittan, a good friend. Worst home page design I have seen.

David Ison in Cincinnati

Art and Anne Brett - Old friends in New Jersey. He is a professional photographer, especially airlines, in his spare time. Also kites and travel.

PNW - My brother Curtis makes high quality wooden replicas of tugboats - especially Foss tugs.

Technology - Internet and Mac

MacinTouch - Top site for Mac OS bugs, warnings and updates

TidBits - Valuable source of Mac OS info