Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where is the Iceland volcano impacting?

I found a site about presenting information in newspapers that shows several maps of the volcano's ash cloud. So you can see that Ireland is little impacted. France is not so bad. But northern Great Britain and all Scandinavia are clobbered.

What's Next: Innovation in Newspapers

Also at the same site: Are the civil aviation decision makers being far too cautious and closing too large a space? Link
Who’s in charge in this mess?

Nobody except the Mandarins!

Look below at the last map released by the British Met Office.

As you can see, no ashes over the UK.

So why the airplanes cannot fly?
Third, NY Times has a detailed map and the impact for each airport. This is Saturday's situation and it's much worse than Friday.

New York Times

Fourth, BBC has some maps.


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