Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spanish voters getting biased news coverage in the US

The world according to Univision. Biased coverage is keeping Spanish-speaking people in the US from knowing how much their views align with the Republican Party. Democratic operatives are putting falsehoods on the air.

Wall Street Journal
John Edwards has not taken a definitive position on abortion. Hillary Clinton's position on the issue is that "she will fight for the defense of children." And Barack Obama wants taxes to be "as low as possible."

Each of these statements is misleading, at best. Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Clinton support "a woman's right to choose" and Mr. Obama wants to repeal the Bush tax cuts. But on Univision, a Spanish-language TV network with an average prime-time audience of about 3.5 million viewers, these and other slanted statements about the presidential candidates are commonplace.

These [lies] statements appeared on Univision's Web site, but like much of the network's reporting, were missed by the mainstream media because they appeared only in Spanish.


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