Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hillsdale College

My favorite college; well, it's in the top two. Hillsdale College in rural Michigan is profiled in The Toledo Blade.
"It is not the purpose of this place to change the politics of America," [President] Mr. Arnn recently said in his office. "We're not a political party around here."
Hillsdale, founded in 1844, had black graduates before the Civil War, and refuses all Federal aid, including student loans. This preserves their independence. If there were one Federal dollar coming to the campus - even a loan guarantee - the politically correct bean counters would be allowed to comb through everything looking for the slightest inconsistency. Then the full power of the US government would take tiny Hillsdale to court to enforce every little PC flavor of the day.

Hillsdale, though having a student body of less than 1300, has a large presence among conservative and libertarian Americans.


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