Saturday, April 22, 2006

Celebrate suffering on Earth Day

I attended the very first Earth Day at the big event in New York City. I took the day off of work and took the train from a commuter town new where I lived in Dover, NJ. I left the watermelon environmentalists long ago; actually I didn't join them at all.

Today let's look at what the environmental movement is celebrating today - suffering.

The BBC has elevated the suffering of subsistence farmers by giving them a high-sounding name - pastoralist. Yes, when you are an elitist you can stay far away from the suffering and feel guilty for your high-income life. Then you redeem your sins of consumption by rejoicing in the suffering of others. Does that make sense? No. But, remember what counts, your intentions, not the suffering you allow or even cause. When you can stay far from the smell of manure and avoid the dangerous mountain lions and bacteria, you can celebrate the pastoralists for the simple life they live. Yes, it's simple. They don't have the complications of going to specialist MDs for treatment. They just stay home, suffer and die.

No-Pasaran captures this story today.


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