I have gone to California about 8 times in the past 3 years. I discovered a web site that shows the entire California coastline in detail - They use a helicopter to photograph every foot of the coastline.

Long Beach

I enjoyed it greatly. Of course I look for an interesting place to walk everywhere I go. First I stayed at the airport and it was fine; I love airports! But on the next trip the airport hotel was sold out, so we ended up at the Hyatt hotel at the Convention Center. Great location on the waterfront. It is in the following photo.

Long Beach Photo

The Queen Mary is obvious in the lower left. On the right, on the water just past the marina is the Lighthouse Restaurant with a red roof. And across the water - farther away - the the lighthouse, itself, on a narrow peninsula.

San Diego

Our trip there was short. Margaret's senior project was to organize, collect food and take it to a children's home in Tijuana, Mexico - and report on it. Gini somehow found a set of 8 tiny beach cabins in a neighborhood called Ocean Beach. First photo is the pier at Ocean Beach. Second is the beach a few blocks to the north. Our "cabin" is about two blocks from this beach. It is a funky neighborhood. Low key apartments and multi-houses. A business district of a few blocks with restaurants and a hair cutting place called "the Electric Chair." And at a gas station a young man told me "I think you know my parents." And, sure enough, he was right. He is Heidi's age and we knew them at the church we went to in the 1990's.

Ocean Beach Pier

Ocean Beach beach

On another trip I stayed at a luxury hotel in La Jolla - ten miles north of San Diego. I haven't looked it the coastal photos for that area yet.

Those are just the highlights that show in the coastal photos. (We just scratched the surface in San Diego.) I made several trips to the Boeing plant in Anaheim. Yes, truly!


Ron Hebron

Seattle, Washington, USA

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